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putpen_topaper's Journal

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  • putpen_topaper@livejournal.com
Age: Writing endless amounts of pointless nothings since '87

Nationality: British.

Current Occupation: Retail assistant/Sell handmade jewellery online/Wannabe writer/Procrastinator Extraordinaire

I Am:

Cocky. Brash. A cynic. Pretty laid back in life. Dry sense of humour. Loves tea. Adores fairy tales and historical romance. Have a serious problem with social phobia and anxiety, opening up to people and letting them in. I'm working on it.

Trying to make some kind of mark on the world but failing miserably at the whole thing. Would rather sit in front of her computer, writing small nothings, or read a good book under the duvet than have to face getting a life. A self-proclaimed hermit. Pretty good at it, thank you.

Tends to be forgetful to the point of irritation. Procrastinating should be a career choice. A great ambition is to have at least one book published. Hope to live off of the earnings forever and get to travel the world and experience all the things people dream about. Then reality comes a knocking and I enjoy slamming the door in its face.